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Great car Recovery Service | Battery jump

Are you facing your vehicle break down in the middle of road?. You need Malik car recovery services for this situation. We offer all services of car break down recovery and heavy vehicles break down recovery in United Arab Emirates.

Malik car recovery dubai

Services we offer

Malik recovery

Accident Recovery

In the event of any accident of your car/vehicle you need a quick assistance from the recovery team. We are always on the roads of UAE to provide you quick assistance.

Malik recovery


At Malik car recovery you will never need to buy a new battery. We always keep spare batteries to get you out from battery dead issues. If your car battery is dead we come and give battery jump.

Malik recovery


During the situation of any emergency people make the most of your needs and charge extra for emergency services. We keep special rates for our customers in emergency to let them avoid expense.

Malik recovery

City to City

We not only work in one city. Malik car recovery service is providing you city to city towing and carry your vehicle from one city to another.

Malik recovery

Free Rides

Taking membership with us will benefit you when you face any sort of emergency with your car. We provide free rides as weel for such needs.


Car Flat Tire Change

On the road of UAE you may face a car flat tire. Any how you will need assistance who can change your tire in minutes so we are always available.

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I have had a bad situation when i was stuck in the middle of my office. I find them through car recovery map and called for quick support. The team arrive and supported me alot.
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Beriya Satta

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Although it was not a car recovery need but the team assisted me for my battery failure and gave me help in battery jump start.
happy customer
Brie larson
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Malik Car recovery Car towing Quick Support team | Heavy Vehicle towing

Vehicles on the road of UAE are suddenly fail and customers looks for help accordingly. We are Malik’s providing you Car recovery services along with many other related services.

Malik Car towing dubai service is one of the top rated and quick support team providing you car recovery services 24/7. We provide “Car Recovery” “Car Towing” “Jump start” “Battery booster” “Fuel dlivery” “Flat tire” “Auto towing “Breakdown recovery” “Desert pull out”.

If you are in any above situation you will find us help full always with great services. Our team of is expert of all the roads of United Arab Emirates. To give you quick support at any time.

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Car Recovery Services

In the event of any car fails on the road due to any reason, the car drivers are struck and can not reach to their destination. This means they need their car to recover. Car recovery services are the advance name of Car cover. In United Arab Emirates we offer our customers Car recovery. These customers are mainly drivers and car owners facing car fails on the road. They find us through internet.

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We serve in Dubai, Sharjah.